BrianOrr Website (Version 3)

designer + developer


A new website for a new decade.

The web world changed a lot since I produced the last version of my website in 2002. HTML5 was now mainstream, and creating websites meant a lot of new technologies and considerations: multiple device support, retina graphics, responsive layouts, and more.

The new UX and visual style of the site was designed to professional and simple, while embracing modern design principles.

The site highlights some of my development and design projects, as well as my music and writing endeavours.

Teamtris Website

designer + developer


Bringing back retro.

Teamtris was a multi-person Tetris game that I co-wrote in 1991 for DOS. It was written in 80x86 assembler, and featured 28 pieces of music that I composed for the game.

Making a website for the game 20 years later was a fun way to practice modern website development using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The graphic design was done in Illustrator and Photoshop, and the site was written in PHP using good old TextMate on the Mac.

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Sony Media Go Website

lead designer + design manager


A new website for Media Go.

The Media Go website was completely updated with the launch of version Media Go 1.6, and further work was done to update the visuals and user experience of the site for versions 2.0 and 2.1 of Media Go.

As the lead designer, I developed the new look and identity, while leading a team of designers to further experiment with various design concepts.

I oversaw the implementation details and ensured the site was consistent while coinciding with Sony specifications.

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Filet-o-Funk Website

designer + developer


The funkiest place on the web.

I designed and developed a website for my band (Filet o' Funk) to highlight our music, pictures and gig dates.

The visual style was meant to be cool, sleek and have a futuristic vibe. The site was designed in Photoshop, implemented in Windows ASP, and tested for wide compatibility on browsers of the era.

I also designed the band's logo, promotional materials and print ads.

BrianOrr Website (Version 2)

designer + developer


The second version of my website.

The second version of my website was focused on my musical endeavors, including live gigs, studio work, and my own compositions.

I designed the site in Photoshop, and implemented it in Windows ASP. The sidebar was dynamically generated, so adding pages and adjusting the hierarchy was as simple as editing an XML file.

The site lasted many years, but finally got a completely new design in 2013.


Older website projects that I designed and developed can be found here.