Sony Catalyst Edit

lead designer + engineering director


Editing comes to the Catalyst family.

Catalyst Edit is a new video editing product from Sony Creative Software designed specifically to provide a streamlined editing experience that is powerful yet easy to use. As with Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare, it is cross-platform (Mac and Windows), supports all resolutions up to 4K, and reads and writes a variety of professional video file formats, including Sony RAW.

I was responsible for creating the product concepts and the user experience for Catalyst Edit. I worked closely with a team of engineers and designers to realize the user interface, and refined the front-end code to exactly match the desired design.

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Sony Catalyst Browse/Prepare

lead designer + engineering director


Catalyst family is born.

Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare are brand new products from Sony Creative Software, created to help video professionals ingest, log, color correct and transcode their footage to and from a wide variety of professional video file formats.

I was responsible for creating the product concepts and crafting a brand new user experience for the Catalyst product line. I worked closely with a team of engineers and designers to realize the user interface, produced design assets, and refined the front-end code for the products.

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Sony Content Viewer

lead designer + UX engineering manager


New beginnings.

Content Viewer was a video review application that was bundled along professional video hardware products, such as the Sony PWS-4400 4K recorder.

For Sony Creative Software, it was our first foray into cross-platform application development and featured a new GPU-based video engine.

I was responsible for developing the new UX and visual identity for Content Viewer, and lead a team of designers and engineers through conceptualization and implementation of the various front-end features of the product.

Sony Media Go, Version 2

lead designer + engineering manager


UI re-imagined.

That was our goal for the complete deconstruction and re-creation of the user experience and visual identity of Media Go.

As the lead designer, I developed the new UX and visual identity, while leading a team of designers to design various features in the application.

As the engineering manager, I oversaw technical decisions related to the application architecture and user interface components.

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Sony Media Go

lead UI developer + lead designer


All your media. One app.

Media Go was created to be the sole app to organize, enjoy and transfer any type of media to and from various Sony devices.

As the lead UI developer, I coded the application architecture, various UI components, and audio/video playback engine while managing a team of engineers working on various components of the product.

As the lead designer, I created wireframes, mockups, and visual designs, and implemented the final Sony-approved look for the product.

Sony Cinescore

lead developer + designer + music editor


Generated soundtracks in 3 clicks.

Cinescore was a music generation product that allowed a videographer to add royalty free music of any length to score their video.

As the lead developer, I coded the algorithms behind the music generation process, and developed the application architecture and the user interface components. As the designer for the product, I designed the UI concepts and implemented the final look for the product.

I additionally trained a team of composers on the internal tools that we developed and edited compositions for technical and musical accuracy.

Sony DVD Architect 3

lead UI developer + development advisor


DVD authoring refined.

DVD Architect 3 included a whole new set of professional features to Sony's flagship DVD authoring package.

I was the lead UI developer on the project, working to improve the architecture to support multi-angle video, and assisting other developers through various new features such as exporting themes, custom button direction processing, building menus from Photoshop files, menu lead-ins, and mastering.

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Sony DVD Architect 2

lead UI developer + designer


DVD authoring goes pro.

DVD Architect 2 introduced professional level features, such as the ability to have multiple audio and subtitle tracks, button actions, remote control programmability, DVD optimization and a fully customizable window layout.

As the lead UI programmer, I created the undockable window components, timeline editing, and further refined the application architecture and playback engine to support multiple audio and subtitle tracks.

I also continued to refine the user experience and visual style to ensure excellent usability and to comply with Windows standards.

Sonic Foundry DVD Architect

lead UI developer + designer


DVD authoring made simple.

The first iteration of DVD Architect supported the creation of DVD menus, picture slideshows and music compilations, while providing professional design and layout tools in an easy to use interface.

As the lead UI programmer, I designed the application architecture, coded the user interface components and tools, and created the audio and video playback engine.

As the designer for the product, I created various theme graphics, assembled additional assets from contract designers, and created the overall look for the product.

Sonic Foundry VideoFactory 2



Simpler UI for video editing.

VideoFactory was a consumer version of Sonic Foundry's professional video editing product, Vegas Video.

As one of the developers on the project, my role was to simplify the user interface and help implement a visual overhaul such that the product would be look more modern and be easier to use.

This was the first product that was released with the Show Me How interactive tutorials. I created the concept for the interactive tutorials, and developed the code, graphics and animations for the Show Me How engine. This engine is used in over 10 Sony products.

Jedor Viscosity

co-lead developer + designer


Professional image and animation editing.

Viscosity was an image and animation editing application written by the three founders of Jedor and was our flagship product.

Viscosity had standard image editing, layering and drawing tools, but these could be used over multiple frames of an animation. The result was a very powerful set of bitmap animation tools, used for pixel-based touch-ups or effects on video files, and producing animated GIFs for the pre-2000 web.

My role on the development side was to create the application architecture, MVC framework, and the user interface components. I was also responsible for creating the marketing materials, corporate logos and branding, website design, and managing a team of designers.


Other software applications that I designed and developed can be found here.