I started composing in the early 1990's, learning the ins and outs of ROLs, MODs, S3Ms and MIDI files. My music was used in the video game Teamtris, by Microsoft Corporation, and for miscellaneous videos and demos.

Computer music fans and collectors of retro music can now download a selection of these compositions in their original format for free.

The compositions here are for your personal use only. Please contact me for commercial use or licensing. The original MOD, S3M, MIDI and ROL files may not be modified without permission.

Please leave any feedback about these compositions on Brian's blog. Enjoy!

MIDI Compositions

composer + MIDI sequencer


These MIDI compositions were written in 1995 and were designed to play back on the original Sound Blaster audio card or on other general MIDI devices. These have been rendered to MP3 files using a Roland Sound Canvas.

Both compositions were commissioned by Microsoft: Clouds is the music for the Windows 95 Easter Egg, and Immortal Klowns is the music to the DirectX sample game by the same name.

Clouds (Windows 95 Easter Egg) Download:MP3 / MIDI
Immortal Klowns Download:MP3 / MIDI


composer + tracker


The S3Ms below were original released in 1994 as a 'music disk' under the alias 'Raster'. S3M's used 8-bit samples, supported stereo separation, and could have up to 8 tracks playing simultaneously.

Inspired Download:MP3 / S3M
Living In The 90's Download:MP3 / S3M
Please Remember Download:MP3 / S3M
Crying Pianos Download:MP3 / S3M
Inspired Again Download:MP3 / S3M
When A Soul Is Worried Download:MP3 / S3M
Minor Reality Download:MP3 / S3M
Teamtris S3M Remix Download:MP3 / S3M


composer + tracker


MODs were the precursor to S3Ms and supported 4 simultaneous tracks and mono playback of 8-bit samples. The biggest challenge for a composer was to use the 4 tracks effectively to make the MOD sound like more instruments were playing.

First MOD Download:MP3 / MOD
Building A Green Curriculum Download:MP3 / MOD
The War Download:MP3 / MOD
Future Jam Download:MP3 / MOD
Techno Kid Download:MP3 / MOD


composer + sequencer


Adlib ROL files were the most common PC audio format before sampling was available. They used FM synthesis, and have a real retro feel to them since no instrument samples were used.

Brian's compositions for the video game Teamtris were written as ROL files. The whole collection of songs can be downloaded for free on the Teamtris website. Below is a selection of a few of his compositions from Teamtris. (Tip: right-click to download the ROL files.)

Teamtris - Level 01 Download:MP3 / ROL
Teamtris - Level 10 Download:MP3 / ROL
Teamtris - Level 14 Download:MP3 / ROL
Teamtris - Level 19 Download:MP3 / ROL

Note: This bank file (.BNK) is required to play the ROL files.